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This is an essential business tool!  If you own or run a business and you want to increase productivity, build a stronger, more effective team, increase sales and achieve bigger goals then this is the solution for you. In2UCoaching is possibly the best business tool I’ve seen in a long while.  It’s life changing on a business and personal level.  Try it – you’ll love the results.” Sally Cooke – Director, Tuskany Agency


Warning this course does not guarantee you will become super human in twelve weeks. It just gives you tools and back up for when things don’t work out the way you want them to. It’s your choice whether or not you use those tools.Read more
My 12 week journey with Lietta amazing! What an enlightening ride! Each week I went from strength to strength and I continue to ride the wave. The shifts in my...Read more
My self-confidence has improved tremendously. I am sleeping and eating better. My stress levels have greatly reduced and when they rise, I now know how to deal with them and get them under control again. I think I am calmer, happier and I have more fun!Read more
(Via Skype )
September 2014 I had never thought about coaching before and not knowing entirely what to expect… Lietta has helped me with goal planning, time mapping, confidence, success, communication and much...Read more
(Tauranga )
I took on the programme to be able to get out of the rut I had created for myself and I was in a state of confusion. I went into the session relaxed and calm and not sure quite what to expect but came out of the session energised, excited and astounded.Read more
(Bay of Plenty )
Clare Rickerby of Gernius Ltd has guided me through a 4 week Business Coaching Challenge which has been very effective and I have thoroughly enjoyed. With so much work on...Read more
(Fitness Nutritious )
Simone Kleyn
I really enjoyed having Clares help over the 4 weeks we were working together. She helped me to see that there are easier ways around accomplishing my goals & to...Read more
I first met Lietta through BNI Tauranga about 1.5 years - 2 years ago. I did attend a couple of seminars that Lietta was holding and found it really interesting...Read more
Bruno - Ignoto Web Design
Because I’m very time poor the Fast Track Workshop was perfect and would give me the tools and skills I needed to apply to save some time and identify areas I was struggling in. Also I knew some of my clients would benefit from what was on offer with the programmes and workshops so I really wanted to experience it for myself.Read more
Janine Gartner, Tax Agent 99
I was the fortunate recipient of a 4 week challenge with Savannah Blake from Gernius. I won the challenge at the Gernius launch in May 2016. I met Savannah that...Read more

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I first met Lietta through BNI Tauranga about 1.5 years - 2 years ago. I did attend a couple of seminars that Lietta was holding and found it really interesting. It was great to see how she structured those sessions and how she gave each person the opportunity to just be themselves. It was really...Read more >>
Bruno - Ignoto Web Design