Sky Rocket – 24-week Foundation and Business Planning Programme

Gernius is your accountability growth and business development partner, working alongside you towards your sustainable success. Laying the foundation for business development and business planning for the future is what we do best.

Will you make the most of what’s inside our 24-week Foundation and Business Planning Programme? It’s time to set the bar even higher.

This programme includes:

  • Your free consultation because active listening and planning is a big part of what we do at Gernius.  We want to know exactly what you want to achieve within each session.        
  • Once signed up you’ll receive our Terms and Conditions and your contract with an outline of calendar days, times and venue to book in each session.  What gets planned gets done and you’ll already feel a sense of clarity, energy and direction.
  • Before the first session begins you’ll be required to complete our preparation templates.  They do exactly what they’re supposed to do – get you prepared and ready so we hit the ground running.  We hate time wasting so we’ve designed a proactive system to start us both off on the right foot.
  • Each session is meticulously planned and prepared and you will notice that what’s been at the top of your wish list gets consistently ticked off.
  • Between every session there is work to complete so we keep the flow and momentum at peak optimum.
  • The more we keep in touch between sessions the greater the results
  • Now it’s business planning time, working together on what you have currently, or coming up with a fresh business plan.  Time to get down to the “nitty gritty”.
  • We’ll cover situation analysis, goals and objectives, strategies and timeframe, business overview, product or service, your marketing plan, management plan, and implementation plan.  
  • You’ll notice there’s a lot to cover but that’s the point of working alongside you – we’ll get you there quicker, without distraction and other responsibilities creeping in.  Book a time and it gets done, don’t and it gets put to the back of the pile again
  • On our last session day, we reflect and review and talk about the where to from here.

Now you have a plan of attack – it’s time to embed this into your business.   


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