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One of the biggest concerns we hear with personal and business development programmes is that they’re all fine and dandy when you’re in them, but how sustainable are they to future growth?  We’re tackling that real concern here at Gernius and creating our own dynamic products that ensure growth is sustainable and long term. 

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4 Week Challenge

Extraordinary results can be achieved in four weeks with enthusiasm, motivation and the right tools. Think of this four-week challenge as the ultimate in getting great results within just a few weeks. We’ll be setting goals and along the way you’ll be hitting some of them at full speed....

Breakthrough to Success Programme

Starting out, starting over, changing direction or looking for 'What's next?' Self confidence and wellbeing is key if you want success; whether that is in relationships, career, running your own business and myriad of other roles we play. Easier said than done right?

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Fast Track Business Programme

​Let us know of your interest in doing this Fast paced Programme, one on one or in a group.

Starter Kit Programme

Two one hour one on one sessions to get you on your way with our Starter Kit.

Motivator Kit Programme

What's it all about: more time, more money, more energy.

Why do it: Confidence in conversations and taking actions without second guessing self, freedom from holding self-back and living the life desired, inner coach to stay inspired, grounded and present.

Four Journals - Productivity, Succession, Actions for Success, Gratitude + Proof Journal

Roll up, roll up to this wonderful display of amazing journals that will just make your day!

Oh, the feedback we have got about our journals is quite simply blowing us away. We’ve had comments like - “incredibly helpful for a more productive day, I have more time for me now and the things I love, I feel so blessed, I feel safe and secure knowing what I need to do for a brighter future …..”

Productivity Journal

Our clever Productivity Journal has been designed so you can take a good look at yourself and your to-do list and prioritise with ease. Special gift with purchase of colouring in pencils.

Succession Journal

What’s Your Legacy Going to Look Like? Do you know it’s your right to live the life you’ve always dreamt of?

Time for a Change Where do our attitudes to money come from? It can be nurture or it can be in our nature but you need to recognise those habits because wealth is wonderful!

Actions for Success Journal

So what is the Actions for Success Journal all about? Take a look for yourself.

It’s aim? To help you create extraordinary results.

The how? Using the simple yet hugely powerful method of setting goals across all areas of your life.

Gratitude Journal + Proof Journal

This sophisticated and cleverly designed journal is a designated headspace area which allows for gratitude and proof, not allowing for any interference so gratefulness and reflections can free flow and be recorded easily and effortlessly.

Free Flow Writing Book

With your personal Freeflow Writing Book you get to write exactly what you want and you’ll be surprised by what you can release and acknowledge in 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer. The process is very simple but incredibly effective and there is no right or wrong way to write.

A5 Daily Planner – Motivational Pocket Rocket

Our pocket-size A5 daily planner helps you pay attention to those daily jobs and creates a powerful sense of motivation as you cleverly maneuver from one job to the other during your day. It’s nice to look back with a satisfying sense of accomplishment as your work day comes to a happy,...

A4 Weekly Planner – Get Your Game Face On

Apply single-mindedness to your week with your very own A4 weekly planner. Deadlines will be hit, smart solutions will be created, meetings will be prepared and objectives smashed because you’ll have it all sorted through scrupulous planning. Good job! All you have to do now is check in each day...

Starter Kit

We all have fears and that’s what our logical side of our brain is there for; to protect us. When those fears become a problem is when we don’t allow ourselves to step outside our comfort zone and discover what it is we truly want.

Until you start taking actions everyday, this time next...

Motivator Kit

Our series of postcards have been designed as inspirational and elemental reminders to keep making a difference, you have to keep taking action. These are short, sharp electrifying shots to the brain that spark up when the enthusiasm and energy starts to wear off.

Quote Cards

Have you ever laid awake at night thinking how can I make tomorrow a better day than today? How can I be a better person, to myself or others? How can I fulfil my purpose and make my personal dreams a reality?

Celebration Jar

Don’t wait for others to sing your praises, beat your drum and tell yourself how incredible you are because that’s your job and that’s what makes our Celebration Jar so exciting!

50 Celebration Note Refills

Keep on celebrating with our refills!

Gernius Torch

Check out this super-handy Gernius Torch! It’s your leading light to help you find just what you’re looking for when you need it most. When you’re lost in the dark and need direction, our torch (and us by the way) will bring to light which way to go.

Fortune Teller

We can never predict the future, but we can definitely create a brighter, more dynamic one

A4 Writing Pad

Gernius A4 Pads give you a little bit more line space and has a professional look that includes a Gernius pen.

A5 Writing Pad

For when you need an A5 size writing pad, the Gernus writing pad is the perfect companion complete with a Gernius pen

A4 and A5 Writing Pad Pack

Order your A4 and A5 writing pads in a pack along with a Gernius pen.

Gernius Dashboard

The Dashboard is part indicator, majority engine room and quite frankly an ingenious instrument board that you can use every day, every month and every year so you don’t miss one single thing on your list of key things that have to be done for the smooth running of your business.

Gernius Tool Box

In a class of its own is this golden opportunity to fill your personal toolbox with all the empowering tools you will ever need to create extraordinary results.

Listen very carefully because this is very important.

The next action you take can be one of your biggest money-making opportunities, your greatest career move, your biggest lifestyle change for the better and your moment to dig deep and discover what it is you REALLY want out of life.

Highlighter with sticky note tabs

A two in one yellow highlighter - holds your sticky note tabs conviently in the highlighter.

Client Tool Kit

Contact us to find out how you can get one for yourself not available off the shelf.

Book Series

Revelation after revelation is what you’ll discover when you interact and indulge in our series of books that are full of ....

Book 1: Mindset

Every action you take starts with a single thought. What you choose to have for dinner, what clothes to wear, what work you do. It all starts with a thought. It’s powerful stuff isn’t it?

Book 2: Behaviour

Think of all the powerful possibilities and golden opportunities when you discover that not only does your mindset steer you on the road for success, but right alongside that - so does your behaviour.

Book 3: Productivity

There is so much we can’t control … the weather, other people’s behaviours, exchange rate, interest rates, house prices …. But the one thing that we can control is our time.

Now we can hear the skeptics scoff and puff from over here but we’re being completely honest with you.


Book 4: Mastery

At the very nerve centre of what we want to achieve is our ability to implement our ideas, work on our attitudes positively and plan ahead for the future.

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4 week challenge programme This was the perfect vehicle to move my thinking, my confidence and my motivation. Thank you Melissa for being gentle, kind, intelligent, encouraging and forward thinking. You and this programme gave me the perfect ‘ lift up’ I needed. I couldn’t have started and haven’t...Read more >>
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