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What does it take to bring about positive change for your business growth and success?

At Gernius we’re your accountability growth and business development partner.

At Gernius we work alongside you towards your sustainable success by providing development and coaching programmes across all levels within the organisation structure.

Alternating between one-on-one sessions and group sessions we fast track results. 

Meet Lietta Erni – Director and Accelerated Performance Trainer  

Hi, I’m Lietta and I’m here to help you achieve extraordinary results.  When people ask me what does that mean, to me it means:

  • Helping others in business identify what success means to them – clarity and transparency
  • Helping others with their business growth strategies – goal setting, more goal setting and accountability partners
  • Helping businesses build and motivate high-performing teams - productivity and win-win culture where success is the norm 

As a business owner with my own team of mentors, coaches, administrators and collaborative partners, I know what it takes to get results.  Don’t be distracted by the doomsayers because Gernius is here to provide an unfailing route so you and your business can flourish.

It’s time to share the vision, plan the strategy, put aside time and energy to get your business running on full throttle.  Together we’re going to create extraordinary results.  Your job is to work with us as an integral part of your business growth strategy team.  What are you waiting for?

"Anything is possible to those who believe"

About Gernius

Are you looking to make some positive changes in your business? How are you going to make that happen?  Bogged down in overwhelm where even the smallest changes feel huge?

These are all signs pointing you in the direction to work with business coaching and mentoring specialists. We’re on hand to deliver remarkable results.

Gernius is here to guide you, coach you, mentor you and get you and your whole team through these changes no matter what your business achievements are to-date.  What happens if you don’t?  This time next year, you’ll be in exactly the same place and that’s not going to work for what you want!

Most businesses know exactly what they want, the difficult part is – how do you “get there”?  

That’s where Gernius step in and pave the way.  It’s our job to show you how to boost morale, build motivation, increase productivity and outperform the competition.  How does that sound?

The benefits we bring to your business -

  • Increasing your productivity
  • Your team will be in a more connected and higher performing environment
  • Goal setting and achievement will be clearer and easier by using simple steps
  • Daily routines will be introduced that have the potential to grow your business
  • Coaching tools and services to address and fix current workplace problems
  • More control over your day
  • Understanding the importance of boundaries so they bring you solid and invaluable business results
  • More time = increased energy = increased freedom to achieve more
  • Freedom! 

We have essential tools for your business to run smoothly and efficiently even when you are not.

Our coaching programmes and growth strategy services are tailored to your specific needs for you and your business.  You’re guaranteed to experience change in a very short time. 

The more you put in the more you get out…

If you’re serious about having a successful business, then contact Gernius now.  Book an appointment today for a free consultation which is your golden opportunity to discover new and improved ways to get extraordinary results from your business. 

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Lietta Erni is a unicorn. A magical creature, rare in every sense of the word. She is my business coach, my life coach, my counsellor, my teacher and my friend. I first met Lietta when I was just starting out in business and was looking for a small business course to attend. Lietta offered more...Read more >>