Director and Accelerated Performance Trainer

Lietta Erni

Director and Accelerated Performance Trainer


Welcome to Gernius.

I’m so proud of what we have created here and I believe it’s a clear indication that I live and breathe my passion.  My passion is my profession; it’s not a job, it’s a role that I believe I was born to do.


Why do I want people to live a life of their dreams?  I can’t think of anything better to do.  It’s exciting to see people gain insight into their life; that eureka moment where we all realise that what we are doing is either going to get us moving towards our goals and dreams or hold us back.  Both are incredibly powerful and create extraordinary results.

Understanding your own individual power and how that works will help you overcome any obstacles. We follow a clearly and simply explained process that is both motivating and rewarding.  Manifesting what you want in life means you have to take action.  Without action, it’s just a dream.

So how do we do it?  We help you remove fear. When you think about it, that’s the only thing that holds us back. I show you how to embrace the unknown and reach your full potential!

My passion is for you to become in-tune with your whole self, so you find your own success and fulfillment in your business and personal life. When I work with you, I quietly introduce topics, and intuitively see through to the core of the issues you face and work with you to address them head on.

I continue to be amazed by the changes in my clients and I couldn’t embrace this philosophy if I hadn’t been through it myself.  It’s having my own personal growth experience that I demonstrate authenticity.

Looking back over my life; growing up on the Chatham Islands where the classic “can do” kiwi attitude is everywhere, going into hairdressing and meeting some awesome people who let you into their personal space; I knew my path would always involve helping others.

I’ve volunteered working as a phone counsellor on Youthline and connecting with teenagers is something I love and motivated me towards getting my Diploma in Youth Work.  It’s interesting that we spend so much time on our bodies, but we can at times overlook our minds which needs just as much TLC.

Completing coach training and business courses has allowed me to create my dreams into reality. The tools and knowledge I have learnt both in theory and practice are invaluable. Owning my own business and providing the platform to continue learning new skills allows me to evolve and mix the innovative in with the tried and tested.  I love helping people feel good about themselves and achieve their goals through our programmes which sustainably connects humanity to their greatness.

In 2010 In2U Coaching was born and I began personal and business coaching and now the company has evolved to include workshops and has become more tailored for business coaching and services.

I now work in partnership with businesses fulltime, so they can continue to achieve the successes they want.  I inspire you to take charge of your business, your life, your success in a nurturing and supportive environment.  Come with me because this is going to get very exciting.



Lietta Erni

Helping you create extraordinary results


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