What would a Frog know....

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ~ Wayne Dyer

Now that the festive season is over and a brand new year upon us do you know what you want to do with your credits of 86,400 seconds per day for 2018 - and beyond?

When it comes to enlightening ourselves, our outlooks, our attitudes and even our success, animals can teach us a lot. Even when it comes to the present-day business world, taking a leaf from the books of our animal friends could be hugely beneficial.

Not convinced?

Consider these extraordinary Fast Track business lessons we can learn from animals

1 – Learn To Relax

First up, it’s impossible to perform to your full potential in any capacity if you are overworked, overwhelmed or generally low on energy. To hit your personal peaks, you need to know how and when to relax, and master the art of balancing total rest and relaxation.

2 – Strive For Unstoppable

To learn the true essence of discipline, dogs focus on the result rather than focusing on their problems and challenges. This way, nothing stops them pursuing their goals. You might have some twists and turns along the way but don't lose sight of the end result you and your team are working towards.

3 – Adaptability Sustains Success

If you’re able to adapt to any given environment or circumstance, you have a quality that keeps you ahead of your competitors and for sustaining success. You only need to think of evolution: the most significant example of how adaptation leads to stronger, improved and more consistent performance.

4 – Patience Pays

Time is a resource more valuable than money – especially in the business world. Animals do things only when they are ready to, or when the opportune moment arrives. Patience pays, though it is a value too many live without - “What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting. Trust the process.” ~Mandy Hale

5 - Work together.

Ants, in particular, are a shining example of this in action. They carry tiny specks of dirt underground to form complex tunnels and living systems, tackle prey as a team, and help each other carry leaves back to their colony to use as mulch for raising fungus, which they eat to survive. They work harder than many species just to get through each day, and they do it as a team. No one gets left behind, and no one carries all the weight while others just sit on the side-lines.

What can we learn from them?

To value one another, collaborate, and work together to coexist instead of competing with each other for resources.

6 - Courage.

More than any other animal, lions represent courage, strength, and resilience. They don’t just lurk in the shadows – they make their presence known and pick themselves back up every time they fall. If someone says you have the heart of a lion, consider that a compliment; it means you show incredible strength and bravery in the face of extreme adversity.

As humans, we tend to let fear stand in our way, so channel your inner lion next time…your fear will quickly step to the side.

7 - Get Playful!

Pigs have very comical, playful personalities, for the most part, and can teach us to let our guard down and have a little fun with life every once in a while. They just like to enjoy life and express themselves in a way only they know how.

8 - Show Respect For Elders

Wisdom is perhaps the most priceless of all commodities in a business setting, built on the back of experience, expertise and long-term commitment. An extraordinary variety of animal species’ very survival relies on the passing down of knowledge from one generation to the next. Respect for elders and knowledge can be a powerful driver of success in the business world and beyond.

9 - Let It Go

Have you ever met a dog that’s held a grudge for more than a few minutes?  A cat that never forgives you for forgetting to feed it? Of course not – most animals are incapable of bearing grudges. Which works entirely in their favour, as holding onto these kinds of negative feelings harms nobody but yourself. It’s the same in the business world too, where being able to let it go and move on from anything negative is of extraordinary importance.

10 - Listen Carefully

Animal’s hearing abilities far surpass that of humans. While we might have evolved away from using our hearing to survive, we tend to overlook the importance of this ability. Animals sit and listen before they respond to situations, something we could surely all stand to do. Frogs listen with their extraordinary sense of hearing; they have good eyesight with their eardrum situated behind their eyes which allows them to see in nearly all directions ready to use their powerful back legs to take the leap of faith.

11 - Compassion

Whether witnessed in the form of interspecies friendships or foster parenting, compassion knows no bounds with animals. The relationships we foster with our companion animals also teaches us how to be compassionate as it impels us to look beyond our needs and imagine those of another who is vastly different from ourselves. Compassion is based on the ability to understand the feelings of another.

Listen to the wind; it talks: Listen to the silence; it speaks: Listen to your heart; it knows ~ Unknown

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