Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success 

How often do you celebrate all your amazing
achievements, big and small, business or personal?
Beating up on yourself about what you didn’t
do leaves you feeling low doesn’t it and what is
the point?
One way of smashing the heck out of this unproductive
habit is to think of all the things you
can celebrate here and now, noting it down and
keeping a record of all the marvellous things you
have kicked it on. That is why you will love our
Celebration Jar.

So you missed out on getting that new job but
what is good about your life right now? Great
friends - they are sure to be honoured. Nice car
that gets you around in style - good on you for
working hard to achieve it.
We designed this so when those little mind monkeys
appear chattering lots of negative talk, you
can quickly remind yourself what you have done
really well, write it down and pop into the jar.
We designed it because when all the “nay-sayers:
and the “doom dayers” come along and say
- ‘don’t you think it’s about time you gave up,
it’s not working, you better go do this, that and
the other’ you remind yourself just how far you
have come and how far you want to go by writing
something smashing down you achieved today to
pop in your celebration jar.
It’s there to help you keep going, start up or just
be damn proud of yourself about by taking one
celebratory step at a time.
Remember what Winston Churchill said? “When
you’re going through hell, just keep going”
Well, we hope you’re not going through hell but
if you feel alone at times, or you need help with
self-motivation, then it’s proven that if you take
time out to realise all the good, you start to feel
awesome and inspired all over again.
• Don’t be afraid to celebrate.
• Don’t be afraid to tell yourself well done.
• Don’t wait for others to praise you; empower
yourself by praising yourself.
Allow yourself a couple of minutes at the end
of each day to think about what you’re pleased
as punch about, note it down and you’ll ignite
that next lot of energy to get up and rise to the
occasion again. You’ll feel less overwhelm,
reenergized and more focused. Wow, that is
some powerful stuff.
This Celebration Jar is great for you, but can
be great gifts too for the kids, work mates,
friends and family who you think would
feel so much better using such a simple but
super-powerful tool so they celebrate their
good stuff too!
It’s time to smash it people so come and visit
our shop today at www.gernius/shop.com for
extraordinary and out of this world results!

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