Exceptional Adult Educator Award

Lietta Erni is a unicorn. A magical creature, rare in every sense of the word. She is my business coach, my life coach, my counsellor, my teacher and my friend. I first met Lietta when I was just starting out in business and was looking for a small business course to attend. Lietta offered more than just business coaching and used a holistic approach to learning and growth. It was a no brainer. I signed up!

We assessed the different areas of my life, what needed work, what needed strengthening and more importantly, we worked on my (and my business’s) vision, mission and values in a totally safe environment (starting out at the chamber of commerce, sometimes by Skype and others at Gernius HQ in Te Puke). This provided purpose and motivation. With the right mindset you can succeed at anything. Lietta helped me get into a success mindset with a number of tools, techniques and advice. When I wavered, she was there as support, helped me pick out the tool to get be back on trace and I always knew she had my back, she still does, these days I know what I need to do to get back on track. This is pretty magical, exceptional. My results from working with Lietta have been nothing short of extraordinary.

We often collaborate these days, we are each other’s clients, my speciality is in design so we have recently worked together on improving means continuous development and learning, which is what being an exceptional educator is all about.

Sarah Shine
Lemonface Design  

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Lietta has a relaxed and encouraging approach to each session but, like a personal trainer she is also there to kick your butt. Her willingness to support you and push you that little bit extra shows she loves her work. Privacy is always an issue but Lietta is able to quickly put you at ease. The...Read more >>
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