Exceptional Adult Educator Award

As an educator, Lietta Erni of Gernius has not only developed outstanding learning programmes for her clients but also an encompassing process for training her coaches to perform their role with confidence and a high standard of professionalism. 

Personally, I have experienced learning with Lietta both as a client and as a coach in training (Gernius ‘Learning the Models’) I found both processes to be exhilarating, fun, self-enhancing and so much more.

As a Kinaesthetic learner, it’s important for me to have all learning styles addressed appropriately and Lietta achieved this in a professional yet comfortable and safe environment. Lietta oozes calm and support, providing encouragement and celebration every step of the way. Her patience and soothing reassurance allows the learner to feel safe no matter what, enabling self-believe where once there was none. 

Lietta strives for the betterment of her programmes and programme providers, always enhancing the already unique experience. She ensures to constantly be available for support as and when required and consistently responds to questions with an open and enjoyable approach. Her method is to never provide a direct answer, yet encourages one to explore self-knowledge to find the answers within.

I nominate Lietta Erni of Gernius for the Exceptional Adult Educator Award because as a person who once struggled with confidence and self-belief, I am now filled with self-love, self-worth and self-value due to the journey Lietta has taken me on. I also have new confidence and insight with my obtained coaching skills. I am grateful every day for these skills and the knowledge that Lietta has passed on to me, and I will be forever grateful.

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