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Gernius Business Presentation - 29 August 2017

Fitness Nutritious Business Presentation - 1 September 2017

Saturday Starter Competition - 2nd September

Sherlock - Our new office distraction

Gernius Book Series - $159.80

Gernius Book Series  - Ready, Set, Go

Revelation after revelation is what you’ll discover when you interact and indulge in our series of books that are full of helpful tips, activities to participate in, inspirational quotes to motivate and a whole tonne of useful information so you live your extraordinary life.

Will you make the most of every page?  If you want an extraordinary life you will!


Horowhenua Swimathon - 19 & 20 August 2017


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Where did you find out about Gernius and how did you get in touch? I have worked with Lietta for several years and contact was via Facebook. What was your experience of the way we work at Gernius? I was very pleased with the process and results ……..and that is why I am signing up for another...Read more >>
(Bay of Plenty NZ)
Mike Clinch