Document Checklist

Document Control
Policy Template
Business Plan
Organizational Chart
Succession Plan
Quality - Communications (Plan)
Quality - Supplier Quality Management (Plan)
Quality - Document Management (Do)
Quality - Inventory Management (Do)
Quality - Monitor, Measure & Review (Check)
Quality - Corrective Action (Act)
Operational Risk Management
Customer Service
Returns and Warrantees
Inwards Goods
Price Changes
Data Protection
Recycling & Waste Management
User Manuals - Admin
User Manuals - Floor Staff
Monthly Check/audit lists
Corrective Action Request
Corrective Action Register
Communications Charter
Feedback/Complaints Register
Managers Weekly Report
New Supplier
Supervisors Weekly Report
Secret Shopper Evaluation
Operational Risk Assessment
Delegations of Authority
Asset Management
Financial Record Keeping
Banking and Cash Management
Customer Credit Terms
Customer Debt Collection
Equipment Asset Purchases
Expense Claims
Petty Cash
Use of Business Credit Card
Vehicle Management
Delegations Charger
Asset Register
Employment Relations Act 2000
Holidays Act 2003
Job Description - Administrator Assistant
Job Description - Manager
Job Description - Supervisor
Job Description - Floor staff
Company Vehicle Agreement
Induction Manual
Employment Agreement
Employment Agreement Casual
Code of Conduct
Privacy Responsibility
Technology Users
Social Media
Crew Complaints
Crew Purchases
Leave & Time Off
Meeting Guidelines
Meeting Agenda
Training & Development - Application Form
Training & Development - Feedback Form
Key holder Responsibilities
Leave Request Form
Performance Management
Performance Appraisal - Personal Development Plan
Performance Appraisal - Competency
Performance Appraisal - Skills Audit
Performance Appraisal - First Review
Performance Appraisal - Annual Review
Performance Appraisal - Interim Review
Health & Safety at Work Act 2015
How to manage health & safety in small businesses
How to implement safe workplace practices
Guidelines Commercial & Industrial Premises
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996
Your Practical Guide – working safely with hazardous substances
HASNO Control Regulations
OHS & HSNO Tools
Fact Sheet - Helping employees get back to work
Common Questions – Helping employees get back to work
Guidelines for using computers
ACOP – Training operators and Instructors of Powered Industrial Lift Trucks (Forklifts)
Business Crime Prevention
Best Practice: Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying
Healthy Work – Managing stress and fatigue in the workplace
Health & Safety Policy Statement
Health & Safety Rules
Hazard & Risk Management
Hazardous Substance Policy
Violence in the Workplace
Safe Use of VDU
Stress & Fatigue In The Workplace
Manual Handling
Fork Hoist Operations
Safe Driver Policy
Machinery & Power Tools
Emergency Contacts
Emergency Procedures - Medical Emergency
Emergency Procedures - Fire
Emergency Procedures - Flood or Severe Weather
Emergency Procedures - Earthquake
Emergency Procedures - Bomb Thread/Suspect Parcel
Emergency Procedures - Hazardous Substances
Incident, Accident & Near Miss
Incident, Accident & Near Miss Investigation
Alcohol & Other Drugs
Worker Participation
Electrical Instillation Safety Operating Procedures
Serious Harm Notification to WorkSafe NZ
Risk Matrix
Risk Assessment Questionnaire Risk Matrix
Risk Assessment
Hazard Register
Hazard Identification Checklist
Hazardous Substance Register
Fork-hoist Checklist
Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
Trespass Notice
Incident Accident Near Miss Report Form
Incident Accident Near Miss Investigation
Corrective Action Register
Contractors Induction
Emergency Procedures Poster
Visitors Register
Evacuation Sign
Incident/Accident/Near Miss Register
Annual Schedule
Help and Feedback
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