Clare Rickerby



What makes me tick? ….

At the core of what I do in business is to always focus on what is best for the client. I’m quietly driven, striving to do my best at all times. 

An area of expertise that comes naturally to me is actively listening and it helps me to consistently deliver a superior service for our clients. After all, we’re solutions providers and every business, every individual has their own style, their own personality and vision for success.

After spending many years overseas, it was time to return home and in more ways than one, I’m so pleased we did! The stars must have been aligned because I got to meet and now work with an extremely talented business coach and mentor Lietta Erni and the Gernius team.

Whenever I’m communicating with people, my aim is for them to understand there is never any judgement, we’re here purely to collect only relevant information to allow them to take that first step towards continued success.  We’re all the same, we can procrastinate at different times, we all have irrational fears, we all find it hard to ask questions we think are silly and we all want to be happy. 

Gernius’s strength is to help remove the things that are holding you back and create Extraordinary Results, through our different Accelerated programmes and alignment partners.

Behind the scenes of Gernius, I love to organise and provide office support to the hardworking team Lietta has created, with my own bit of creative flair.  Everyday brings exciting opportunities and I love meeting new people who want to jump out of their comfort zone and be bold.  These people really inspire me and it makes my job incredibly rewarding.

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Clare Rickerby of Gernius Ltd has guided me through a 4 week Business Coaching Challenge which has been very effective and I have thoroughly enjoyed. With so much work on I was feeling overwhelmed as to what steps to take next. Each week Clare spent an hour with me on our business, Fitness...Read more >>
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