Commerce Co-ordinator

Melissa Reynolds


Commerce Co-ordinator

People usually think that when you love sales it’s all about targets and gaining new business but being involved in sales and business development throughout my career, my passion is for people and relationships.

That’s why I am so committed and dedicated to my role here at Gernius because our core values are very much strategically aligned; it’s about how we can help others.  I was asked recently how I would describe working with this super cool team here and funnily enough the word that sprung to mind was extraordinary!

Lietta is an amazing leader who is one of those people who really does “walk the talk”.  She doesn’t just say it; she lives and breathes the “life can be extraordinary” philosophy.  She has created an environment where we all thrive, and that includes our highly valued clients, and if you’re part of this type of ethos, you can’t help but want to see others succeed.

One of my favourite parts of the role is when I get to meet new clients and present our fantastic programmes and products. I feel an immense amount of pride when I talk about each of our programmes because I know that they work.  In my opinion, when you’re involved with the sales and marketing side of the business, whatever you are presenting out there; those key messages have to come from the heart.

I know for me I could never present a product or a service I didn’t 100% believe in. 

A huge part of all our roles is to listen and I mean actively listen to our client’s needs and wants.  Lietta is very mindful and ensures we have those listening skills where we are putting aside any preconceived ideas or opinions until we have all the information we need to assist our clients in the right way. 

We like to look at the world a little differently around here and I can tell you, from what I can see - it looks like a thrilling adventure.  We’re challenging ourselves just the same way as we ask our clients to challenge themselves because this helps us grow and develop too.  I sincerely wish you the best life possible and I sincerely believe with us we can help make that happen!

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