Want more time and more money? Maximise your business strategy

Business plans can create quite a dilemma for some. They are lengthy documents, which take quite some time to put together, and then the actual challenge is in keeping it up-to-date.  A business plan can be simple or complex however the requirement is its effectiveness and implementation.

If you were to complete your business plan so that it can sit in a file for 24 months until you decide it needs updating, how much of it do you think would be achieved? We have seen many business plans completed with enthusiasm over the years, often they are reviewed once every couple of years or so with small celebrations of goals ticked off. More often than not though, the plan is filed away and mostly forgotten about, never to be seen again.

In particular, in a Board/Executive scenario, we have witnessed how one team will put together their version of a strategy, and when the next team comes along, they almost completely ignore the first plan and consume more time/effort into their version of a new strategy. There is no consistency, no implementation and certainly no sustainability here.

Take your business to the next level

What would happen if you were to have a document that remained live and was reviewed weekly/monthly?

  • You would become connected with your business, sustaining a growth strategy
  • Goals would be clear and actions are planned for success
  • Goals will be achieved
  • Team would become engaged and on the same page
  • You would gain maximization of the strengths within the business

S.M.A.R.T.er Goals

92% of goals fail within 15 days. To avoid falling into the 92% category, it is important to clearly define your goals, write them out and plan the actions required to achieve the goal within a specific time frame. We all know that goal posts move frequently, however the intention always remains the same. “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, never the goal.”

Work – life balance

Work – life balance! Some say it doesn’t exist, some say they want it, and others say it’s a choice. At Gernius, we believe it is a choice – work s.m.a.r.t.er not harder, play more, do it with style and be extraordinary!

Keep it real simple

Gernius has created a simple and oh so easy to use Active Business Strategy, the result is all in the name. It is active, not put away in a draw and forgotten - we encourage weekly interaction. It is a business strategy – a strategy to clarify your vision, a strategy for marketing your vision and a strategy to implement your vision. It all equals a strategy to sustain your vision and Extraordinary Results!  

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