Evaporate your Too Hard Basket!

What is the one thing you need to improve your business today?  Is it more time? More income? Focus? Direction? Strategy? Results?

Metaphorically speaking, in business many of us have a ‘Too Hard Basket’ which continues to volumize of its own accord, without any encouragement whatsoever! How do you get on top of that increasingly expanding overwhelm and keep the monster basket at bay?

All athletes who want to succeed in their sport and within their goals, engage a coach. A coach is someone who empowers a person to become a better version of them self, to perform to the best of their personal abilities and beyond. If every successful sports person requires a coach, then every successful business must also engage with a coach at business level. At Gernius we not only empower a better version of the person, but also of the business. We empower the business to sustainably build to its strengths, enabling steady growth toward the vision.

4-Week Challenge

The first thing successful people do every day, is create and pursue S.M.A.R.T.er goals. How do you ensure to action these goals within appropriate time frames? How do you enforce your commitment to do whatever it takes? The Gernius 4-Week Challenge is designed to elevate a flying start. During the four weeks, we provide you with tools that empower you to take action, because who said it was going to take 10 years to achieve your goals anyway?

Accelerated performance

Working S.M.A.R.T.er not harder is the catch phase. Do you know what you want to do more of and less of? Do you know what you want to stop doing which will allow you the time and energy to start doing what you really want. Our Accelerated Performance programmes induce results for you and your business, celebrates the extraordinary being that you be, and sets you on course to your desired direction.


The foundations of a building are the core strength in its structure. If the foundations are weak, the building will not withstand earthquakes, strong climate patterns, or other such challenges. Likewise, if a business and its leading people lack robust and secure foundations, the business will be vulnerable to external challenges.  By engaging with the people of the business, the rest will follow with Extraordinary Results. 

Business Strategy

Traditionally, business plans are created to spend their existence filed away in a draw or folder, to be pulled out, often at the change of a manager, sometimes reviewed and often forgotten. At Gernius, we asked, how do we change this. How do we encourage people to create a forward-thinking strategy and action plan that will take their business sustainably to another level? Because we believe in keeping things real, we created an Active Business Strategy that is intended to be accessed on a weekly to monthly basis. Everything you need for your strategy goes into this document.

All of our programmes are designed to work for you, we offer the flexibility which allows the programme to fit within your schedule. To find out more, contact us today.



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September 2014 I had never thought about coaching before and not knowing entirely what to expect… Lietta has helped me with goal planning, time mapping, confidence, success, communication and much more. I now find myself working alot more efficiently and having alot more time to myself. I signed up...Read more >>
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