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We back our coaching programmes up with dymanic products, use them ourselves and now you can too.  You don’t even have to do the programmes to be able to use them.

These products will give you more time, let you have time out, be inspired and motivated to smash your goals and get the job done.

We guarantee this will be one of the best DIY investments towards extraordinary results you can ever make, so lets introduce you to the products that can help you right now. read more

Start off with a Journal for Productivity: 
Time mapping and your to-do list will become a breeze, as you start prioritizing with ease and eating your frogs (those jobs you keep putting off) are identified.  This journal also includes a free set of coloured pencils for your mapping.
Take Actions for Success
Use the simple method of setting goals across all areas of your life for Extraordinary Results. And doing the different actions that successful people do…
Strategies for Succession:
The more we have the more we can give and that applies to ourselves as well. Research shows that stress in relationships is usually driven by a lack of money or the way money is handled so tackling your FEARS, beliefs and habits to help you feel comfortable and secure to take the steps you need to for the extraordinary results you want to achieve.
Reflect and celebrate with a Gratitude and Proof Journal 
This is a designated headspace area for gratefulness and reflections to flow free and be recorded easily and effortlessly.

Looking for a business overview for you and your employees, try our Dashboard
A dashboard that you can use every day, every week, every month, so you don’t miss one single key thing that needs to be done for the smooth running of your business.

Have the right Diary, for you, in 2017 to get plans booked in and got done.
Yes, we do still have copies of this Diary for “What’s next?” “When is that?” “Not sure if I’ve booked it off, in or on” “Time is running away from me! “I need inspiration!” “How can I work not harder?” “ That was a bright idea”. It’s all here in one handy easy to find place.

Free Flow Writing Book
With your personal Freeflow Writing Book you get to write exactly what you want and you’ll be surprised by what you can release and acknowledge in 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer.  The process is very simple but incredibly effective because there is no right or wrong way to write.

Celebration Jar
Don’t wait for others to sing your praises, beat your drum and tell yourself how incredible you are because that’s your job, with a Celebration Jar.

Quote Cards
Quotes cards aren’t always just short powerful quotes though we love all sorts of quotes. 
We love to mix it up a bit and include purposeful stories that share wisdom and have a profound way of connecting with our inner self.  It’s like these quotes get us; what we’re going through and what we need to get through.
Motivator Kit: 
Our series of postcards have been designed as inspirational and elemental reminders to keep making a difference, you have  to keep taking action. These are short, sharp electrifying shots to the brain that spark up when the enthusiasm and energy starts to wear off.  

Our Gernius mugs feature positive affirmations and beliefs so when you’re having your early morning brew, one of the first things you see is something positive and uplifting.  

Work Not Harder with your business trainer
If you would like to have that extra insight, forethought or get up and go, be part of a programme:

Four Week Challenge:
Extraordinary results can be achieved in four weeks with your enthusiasm, motivation and the right tools.  Think of this four-week challenge as the ultimate in getting great results within just a few weeks.

The four-week challenge can be run face to face or via Skype.  Our sessions can be held once a week or every fortnight but we’ll sort that out together.  It’s designed to fit in around you and the needs of your business.

Starter Kit: 
We all have fears and that’s what our logical side of our brain is there for; to protect us.  When those fears become a problem, this is when we don’t allow ourselves to step outside our comfort zone and discover and have what it is we truly want. This is a do it yourself book or you can have a business trainer alongside of you face to face or via Skype over 2 hours when it suits and fits in with you.
Fast Track Business: 
Are you looking for an Accelerated Performance Programme that is interactive, highly energetic and gets results you want, faster than you ever thought?

  • Eliminate those tasks that could either be delegated or completely eradiated
  • Clear away clutter to give you a clear place to start getting on top of that to do list!
  • You get to do it all on the day,we won’t tell you to go and try this at home (well at the work place).

Breakthrough to Success:

This programme is kept intimate to promote, support and encourage lots of engagement. It’s your time to shine and we know that you’ll walk out of here feeling on cloud nine. It’s so liberating and joyful; it’s a must for all.

  • Setting up for success in all situations. Goal setting and how to implement goals and plans.
  • Getting clever with your time.
  • Presenting yourself with confidence.


A simple yet effective business planning or strategic planning document is designed to remain live and simple to review on a regular basis. It covers the four areas of operational, financial, marketing and measurements. 

If you would like to talk to us about what would best suit you and where you are at right now we offer a Free no obligation Session to get you started and come up with a plan to fit your budget, time and plans.
Remember:  The only person to take that first step towards your own personal success and happiness is you.  Working not Harder! 

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