Can You Afford Bad Customer Service?

 Let’s face it; all SUCCESSFUL businesses need happy customers.


















The first question you need to ask yourself if you are the Manager of a store or department or a business owner is how do you treat your staff?  Be honest.  If your staff feel undervalued then you can pretty much say they’ll be treating your customers the same way.  Scary thought isn’t it?


We go deeper with our customer service training and development by focusing on every individual, top to bottom, and giving them the tools and skills to work on their own empowerment.  Why?


Because extraordinary results, which includes extraordinary customer service, sales, attitudes and beliefs, comes from self-confidence, self-worth and feeling valued. 


Did you know according to Forbes Magazine 2016 in the USA alone $62 billion dollars is lost each year through bad customer service!  That’s up $20 billion dollars since 2013 and that’s only in 3 years! 


From this same report the main reason customers didn’t return or switched where they went were:


     Lack of appreciation

     Unhelpful or rude staff

     Problems were unable to be resolved


It seems as if every week recently there has been something in the news about large airlines in America treating their passengers terribly! It has cost them millions and millions of dollars as their shares plummet on the stock exchange as well as extensive brand damage that won’t go away overnight.  Why wait until you’re in crisis management mode to ensure your staff have outstanding customer service skills?



It’s as simple as that.  We cannot express strongly enough how vital it is your staff feel valued both by the company and by themselves. 


Gernius delivers specialised customer service and personal development training so your staff deliver extraordinary results and exceptional customer service.  For more information and to book your Extraordinary Results Customer Service and Personal Development Programmes book now on


 As you see; you simply can’t afford bad customer service


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