Accelerated Performance Fast Track Business Programme

I first heard of Lietta, and the then In2uCoaching, through a Venus (Women’s Networking Groups) Facebook page promoting the one day Fast Track Workshop.  I then contacted her to let her know I was interested in coming along.  I also caught up with Lietta for a RAVE (a business meeting to find out more about each other’s businesses so you can refer with intent) as I was looking for a business coach to partner up with who I could then refer my clients to. 

Because I’m very time poor the Fast Track Workshop was perfect and would give me the tools and skills I needed to apply to save some time and identify areas I was struggling in.  Also I knew some of my clients would benefit from what was on offer with the programmes and workshops so I really wanted to experience it for myself. 

Now after working with Lietta and knowing what Gernius is all about, we catch up on a regular basis because we like connecting with each other and she bounces ideas off me and vice versa.  We both walk away feeling reinvigorated and with a fresh perspective on things.  It’s a bit like we’re coaching each other but in different areas as the relationship continues to grow.  

We have definitely had some “a ha” moments and it works really well as we both have clients who benefit from working with either Lietta and her team or myself. That is how our joint seminars have started and been set up as we identified both of our clients can benefit from the services we provide. 

An example of this is one of my clients was new to business and she came along to our workshop and now she is working with Lietta which is just fantastic. Going forward this is exactly what we want to be doing for each other and of course our clients. 

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