4 Week Challenge

I was the fortunate recipient of a 4 week challenge with Savannah Blake from Gernius.  I won the challenge at the Gernius launch in May 2016.

I met Savannah that evening and was immediately taken by her enthusiasm, ability to communicate effectively and her motivation to succeed at such a young age.  

Savannah and I met via skype for 4 weeks.  I was able to dictate the time/day and in our first session, Savannah asked me to identify 3 important goals I wanted to achieve.  

I have to be honest and say that I wondered how a 21 year old was going to transform me into achieving or even thinking I would achieve these goals.  I set the bar high – very high and after the first week, Savannah set the bar higher!  I was blown away by how quickly she got to know me after only one hour session.  She saw the potential in me, questioned the extent in which I could achieve my goals, my activities and asked the hard questions.  

I immediately warmed to her.  She’s got a great personality, is friendly, fun and made me feel completely comfortable with where I was heading.  She just, ever so slightly, pushed me to my limits in a non-threatening, gentle way.  

Thank you Savannah you are a  true professional and lovely young woman.   



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