4 Week Challenge

Extraordinary results can be achieved in four weeks with enthusiasm, motivation and the right tools.  Think of this four-week challenge as the ultimate in getting great results within just a few weeks.

We’ll be setting goals and along the way you’ll be hitting some of them at full speed. 

This is how it works:

  • First things first - the consultation.  This is key to us because we want you to hit the ground running.  We want to understand what makes you tick, what you want to achieve and we want to get you the results the best way we know possible.
  • Once you’ve signed up for the full on, high powered four-week challenge we’ll send you some preparation work to do before we begin.  This is designed to really kick things off with a bang.  You’ll already start to discover vital insights about you and your business that will get that passion for success on an all time high
  • Now the challenge and this is where the excitement and adrenalin gets pumping.  Our four-week challenge can be run face to face or via Skype.  Our sessions can be held once a week or every fortnight but we’ll sort that out together.  It’s designed to fit in around you and the needs of your business

When it’s time to get your business operating on all cylinders this four-week challenge has all you need to help you reach your high performance goals.

Contact us today – this is your golden opportunity to ultimate success. 

4 Week Challenge - Show of Interest


Clare Rickerby of Gernius Ltd has guided me through a 4 week Business Coaching Challenge which has been very effective and I have thoroughly enjoyed. With so much work on I was feeling overwhelmed as to what steps to take next. Each week Clare spent an hour with me on our business, Fitness...Read more >>
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Simone Kleyn