24 Week Business Plan

September 2014

I had never thought about coaching before and not knowing entirely what to expect…

Lietta has helped me with goal planning, time mapping, confidence, success, communication and much more. I now find myself working alot more efficiently and having alot more time to myself.

 I signed up for the 12 week program; I am now 14 weeks in and don't plan on finishing any time soon!

I now have clarity on what I want to achieve and how I am going to do it. My main goals were to own my own business, reconnect with  myself and save for house and travel.

By 10 weeks I had created my own business, reconnected with myself and made some changes to align with what is good for me and not go along with what others wanted.
And I am now well on my way to saving with tips on budgeting and account planning, now managing my money with clarity of what I have and what I need!

If you put in the effort you are guaranteed to see results. If you want to meet full potential I highly recommend this course to you.

Thanks to Lietta, you're truly amazing!


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I first met Lietta through BNI Tauranga about 1.5 years - 2 years ago. I did attend a couple of seminars that Lietta was holding and found it really interesting. It was great to see how she structured those sessions and how she gave each person the opportunity to just be themselves. It was really...Read more >>
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