12 Week Foundations

My 12 week journey with Lietta amazing!  What an enlightening ride! Each week I went from strength to strength and I continue to ride the wave. The shifts in my life are completely my doing – using the tools taught over the 12 weeks. Visualising, planning, using the Detrigger Process, being in the now – living moment by moment.

If you want to make positive and lasting changes in your life – take the journey – you won’t regret it.

Mind – Body – Spirit. Encompass your loves, passions, dreams, beliefs, visions and live the life you dream of. When you believe in you and love yourself wholly – you will never look back.

Take the step, make the change, move forward & LIVE! I am!

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I first heard about Gernius when I attended a Venus Network meeting and met Clare. From there Clare invited me to a free consultation with Lietta which I was happy to attend. I was three months into my business and I didn’t have a clue of the “where to from here”. I was thinking about doing a small...Read more >>