12 Week Foundations

My 12 week journey with Lietta amazing!  What an enlightening ride! Each week I went from strength to strength and I continue to ride the wave. The shifts in my life are completely my doing – using the tools taught over the 12 weeks. Visualising, planning, using the Detrigger Process, being in the now – living moment by moment.

If you want to make positive and lasting changes in your life – take the journey – you won’t regret it.

Mind – Body – Spirit. Encompass your loves, passions, dreams, beliefs, visions and live the life you dream of. When you believe in you and love yourself wholly – you will never look back.

Take the step, make the change, move forward & LIVE! I am!

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I first met Lietta through BNI Tauranga about 1.5 years - 2 years ago. I did attend a couple of seminars that Lietta was holding and found it really interesting. It was great to see how she structured those sessions and how she gave each person the opportunity to just be themselves. It was really...Read more >>
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