12 Week Foundations

I was very hesitant in signing up to this course. It seemed to me to be a little ‘out there’ and over the top. However it’s true you just can’t judge or understand something or someone, without having a first-hand experience in whatever or whoever you are having quiet little critical thoughts about.

I saw changes in a particular person who I have come to know over a few years, and I liked what I saw, and I wanted to be that confident and assertive. I wanted my life to take a turn for the best, the best that I could be, the person who I knew was in there, but struggled to show up consistently. So I signed up after asking how ‘she’ got to where she is now, and how come ‘she’ was so calm about everything. I was confused about that. I’m not now.

During my twelve week course I was given tools to bring out the real me and goals to achieve weekly.I had a very empathetic coach, one Lietta Powellwho has excellent listening and intuitive awareness skills, which were extremely helpful in tapping in to my true self and ultimately what I really wanted to achieve on this earth.

I also gained skills in time management, I came to value who I am as a person, a mother, a friend. I came to understand and start living my ‘core values’ and to trust myself with little niggles in my gut I needed to listen to regardless of what others may think or say.I learned to respect myself and everything that makes me, ‘me’. In turn, I am able to be sympathetic to others and make choices every day, moment by moment, about myself, my family, my work place, and my world.

Warning this course does not guarantee you will become super human in twelve weeks. It just gives you tools and back up for when things don’t work out the way you want them to. It’s your choice whether or not you use those tools.  They are there for you, Lietta is there for you, she will stick to her word, and go over and above the call of duty, why? Because she is genuine, she has integrity, she loves to see you come out of your shell and start living. ‘That’s all I have to say about that’ (Forest Gump)

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I first met Lietta through BNI Tauranga about 1.5 years - 2 years ago. I did attend a couple of seminars that Lietta was holding and found it really interesting. It was great to see how she structured those sessions and how she gave each person the opportunity to just be themselves. It was really...Read more >>
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